Ink Spells | Guardian Bikes Email Campaign – High-tech Innovation in a Fun Corporate Voice
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Guardian Bikes Email Campaign – High-tech Innovation in a Fun Corporate Voice

Guardian Bikes Email Campaign – High-tech Innovation in a Fun Corporate Voice

Guardian Bikes, a Mark Cuban company that won its funding on Shark Tank, is fast becoming known for producing the safest kids’ bikes on the market. They asked us to compose several emails to introduce their industry-leading innovations to potential customers. They have a fun corporate voice, reflecting their genuine love for what they do, and we were thrilled to meet the challenge of presenting the company in a lighthearted and memorable way.

RideSizer Tool

One of the company’s most revolutionary innovations is a web app that helps parents choose the right size bike for their child. We used parallels with other online purchases to introduce the app and place online bike buying into more familiar territory.

Introducing RideSizer!

Safer for your kid. Easier on your wallet.

Online shopping. Talk about hit-or-miss. Music? Absolutely. Shoes? Well… shoes can get sketchy. But bikes? Forget about it.

Until now.

Thanks to RideSizer, our newest innovation, shopping online for your kid’s bike is actually better than going to a store. It’s better for you, it’s better for your wallet, and most importantly, it’s better for your kid.

Don’t believe us? That’s okay. We’ll prove it.

RideSizer is just what it sounds like: a tool to size your ride. Input your child’s height, and presto. RideSizer scales to fit, showing you the bike you need, and how your kid will look riding it.

They’ll be able to reach the pedals. They’ll be able to sit up straight, keeping their eyes on the road. They’ll be safer.

You can even change the bike’s colors. (That’s not a safety thing, but hey, looking cool on your bike counts. You remember. We know you do.)

So your kid gets a safer ride, and you get to shop in your pajamas. But RideSizer takes bike buying one step further.

Input the month and year your kid was born, and RideSizer will tell you how much longer you can expect that ride to fit. You’re not just comparing prices. You’re comparing price per year, a far better measure of the bike’s value.

Now your kid is safer, you’re still in your pajamas, and you’re saving money.

Kinda makes you wish you had a RideSizer for those shoes, doesn’t it?

Bike Assembly

The company wanted to assure parents they would not be facing a Herculean task in putting together a bike they bought online. We called on the all-too-common parental assembly experience and pushed it over the top as a fun way to set Guardian Bikes apart.

Guardian Bikes!

We build them. You just ride them.

“Some assembly required.” Parents know what that means. Kiss the next three hours goodbye. Slide Tab A into Slot B behind the Unidentifiable Doohickey, working clockwise around the Flux Capacitor, unless you’re west of the Prime Meridian. Get a PhD in engineering, then proceed to page two.

Right. At Guardian Bikes, we put your bike together before we ship it.

It’s not just to make your life easier. It’s to make your kid safer.

Components like brakes, shifting, and steering need to be tightened and calibrated. Too much, and things won’t move when your kid needs them to. Too little, and they’ll give when they shouldn’t. We know the specs. (After all, we wrote them.) So we do it for you.

Nobody else does that. Not like we do.

You’ve probably seen bikes sitting at a local superstore, but those bikes arrived in a jumble of parts. And the person who put them together wasn’t a mechanic. They had no way to measure torque. They didn’t follow a safety checklist. A minute ago, they were putting together lawn furniture.

At Guardian Bikes, our specialists put each bike together. And every bike passes a 34-point safety check before it goes out the door. The only things you’ll add are the pedals and handlebars. That takes less than 10 minutes. (We timed it.)

So your kid can get straight to riding, you’ll know the bike is safe, and you won’t need a time machine to get your life back.

Guardian Ethos

The email campaign also introduced the company’s new Guardian Ethos line of kids’ bikes. We wanted this particular email to touch on the company’s heart while maintaining the same fun tone and introducing the new line.

Guardian Ethos. For Kids.

Because “safe” shouldn’t mean “expensive.”

What’s ethos? Parents know.

It’s about what drives you.

When you wake up bleary-eyed-early on Saturday to take your kid to practice, that’s ethos. Or when you cancel your dinner reservations to talk them through a fight with their best friend. That’s ethos, too.

Ethos is when the right thing to do feels like the only thing to do.

It’s who you try to be as a parent. And it’s who we try to be as a company. For you, and for your kids. So when we built the safest kids’ bike in the world, we didn’t stop there. We designed another one, just as safe, and a bit easier on your pocket.

Because we want every family to afford it.

Our Guardian Ethos line has the same revolutionary SureStop® brakes as our Guardian Originals, and it can stand up to the same wear and tear. All our bikes are built to last.

The frame is a touch heavier, but not enough to slow your kid down. (It’ll still take an afternoon out on the bike to do that.)

It even comes in the same cool colors, so your kid will be proud to ride it. But, best of all, you can be proud that you’re providing them with the safest bike on the market.

With enough cash left over for those dinner reservations.

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